cherry blossoms

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I won’t be updating this one anymore.. Sorry!

Dear followers,

I created a new tumblr when I was on hiatus from this one and I’ve gotten into the rhythm of posting there now and I can’t keep up with maintaining 2 fitblrs regularly :( So if you’d like, please check out my new blog: I feel this is a new chapter of my life and I feel so positive about my goals now and it just feels appropriate to start fresh. I promise its a million times more active than this blog has been for ages :) I’ll still keep this blog open for nostalgia purposes.

Thank you! Message me if you follow me there and I’ll check out your blog :)







time to move!!!

do 25 of these, each leg (5o squats in total). NOW. GO GO GO

great for burning, also!already done?

Squat kicks *cries*

love these!!! best part of kickboxing class

So happy for everyone!

Looking at all the transformation photos on tumblr, my heart swells with pride for everyone who worked so hard and it gives me so much motivation! It just clicked in me that I do not regret being overweight at all. I used to hate my body so much and feel disgusted and unworthy of even being with my friends. But now I see it as a part of me. It will always be part of who I am and something I overcame. And I’m proud that I could go through that transformation.

Struggling all the way has made me grow so much as a person in all other facets of life that may not have been possible if I was naturally skinny to begin with. I’ve learned so much about myself! There’s still a way to go but I’m looking forward to every step of the way rather than living in the future and dreaming about my perfect body.



Raw Vegan Sushi Wrap Party and you’re invited!

I will come with some fruit juice!